Getting Started

We strongly recommend that you make a note of the following information for future reference. (note - these settings have been updated)





POP3 Server
SMTP Server
Outgoing server requires authentication must be ticked.
Dial-up Details  
When using 086 0007249 then the username is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view
When using local numbers as below then the user name is:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Dial-Up Connection Tel Numbers:  
Port Elizabeth
Cape Town
East London
Vaal Triangle
041-397 2000
051-404 0000
031-560 4000
043- 702 6300
044-801 0500
011-401 1000
011-340 7500
053-839 2500
013-753 4400
021-860 0100
033-845 0000
015-291 0000
012-307 0300
035-799 0000
016-985 8000
057-391 0000
National Local Call 086 000 7249
Helpline: 09h00 - 21h00: (Port Elizabeth) 083 226 3022
041-360 4918
041-3604930 - FAX
ADSL Settings - Telkom Marconi Router Click to download the PDF


Frequently Asked Questions

Q  Why do I occasionally get a "no answer" message when I dial my Internet Service Provider ?
A This has a lot to do with the ratio of subscribers to telephone lines. It is generally recommended that a good Internet Service Provider should not exceed 20 subscribers per telephone line. At Algoanet our policy is to maintain a ratio of no more than 15:1. Even with a low ratio it can sometimes happen that a subscriber will dial in while the server is busy answering another incoming call, and the "no answer" message will result. In this case you simply allow your auto dial up feature to make it's second attempt and your connection should be completed.
Q What does it mean when a message appears telling me that I need frames support ?
A It means that the browser you are using (probably Netscape or Internet Explorer) is not capable of showing a web page format known as "Frames". Frames enable a web page to be divided into separate sections, allowing some to remain visible while others can change creating a very effective way of presenting information. The latest versions of the most popular browsers are Frames compatible.
Q Why does it seem to take a long time for some web pages to "load" despite the fact that I have a very fast computer and modem ?  This is especially true when there are a number of pictures on the page.
A The best way to imagine this problem is to put yourself behind the wheel of a Ferrari (a TestaRossa will do fine). You have a very powerful and very fast set of wheels, but is it right to assume that you will always be able to drive it with pedal to the metal. When the road that you are on is not so busy you may be able to drive faster and with fewer stops, but during peak commuter times you may be reduced to a snails pace and you may even be forced to stop sometimes. So it is with Internet traffic. The problem with graphic files is that they are relatively big and consequently contain a lot of data, the format of the graphic file can also determine how big the file is. It simply is a matter of bigger files taking longer to load.
Q Sometimes I can access my Internet Service Provider and I can view the homepage etc. but when I try to access other Internet sites I get messages such as "contacting host" after which nothing happens. What is the problem ?
A Remember that the Internet is actually nothing more than a chain of computers all linked together. The problem you are describing exists when some link in the chain is broken. It only takes one computer somewhere in the network to be down or offline and a serious bottleneck can soon develop. I refer to the analogy in the previous answer, everyone knows what happens when one set of traffic lights is out during peak hour traffic. Unfortunately the remedy to this type of problem rests with the webmaster of the affected link and there is very little that your Internet Service provider can do about it.
Q I am a frequent visitor to a specific web site. Recently I have been unable to access the site. I get an error message which says "404 error" Can you tell me what this means ?
A It means that the server which you have contacted cannot find the web page you have specified. This could be because the site doesn't exist anymore, or that it may have been moved to a different location, or that you may have typed the address incorrectly. Usually if a site has been moved there will be a message at the old address informing you about this and giving instructions how to find the new location.


Additional Support

Should you require additional technical support please contact our support line 041-360 4918 or 083 226 3022 (9am - 9pm) or use the Contact Us form on this website.